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I was in need of some shade upgrades in two bedrooms and the rec room.  I searched and landed on

Within the site I narrowed to light filtering, hot and cold insulating and cordless.  The ULTRA INSULATING LIGHT FILTERING TRIPLE CELL SHADE quickly became the optimal choice.

I followed the easy measuring instructions and then collaborated with my wife and kids on color choices.

We finished the order and waiting patiently for our custom shades to be built, checked for quality and shipped out.  We received updates throughout keeping us informed of progress.

The shades arrived and I excitedly unpacked and looked at the contents.  I went over the instructions then proceeded to start with releasing the mounting brackets.  I struggled a bit at first to release all I had to do was press on the mounting bracket and it would pop right out.

Now that I had this sorted it was time to remove the current shades. I popped them out and then made short work of the brackets with my DEWALT DCF682N1 8V MAX Gyroscopic Inline Screwdriver.

Now it was time to mount the new brackets.  I made short work of them again with the default.  With the brackets up I popped in the shades and popped on the clips to the bottom and the rec room was done!


This color is Pomegranate TH 019.

Now on to one of the bedrooms.  I included the current homemade shade to provide a before and after perspective.


After the shade was installed I enjoyed the ease up and down motion.


This color is called Cocoa TH 012.

All in all I rate the ULTRA INSULATING LIGHT FILTERING TRIPLE CELL SHADE 10/10 for quality, ease of installation and ease of use. I placed my order under the buy 3 get the 4th free promotion!

Buy 3, Get the 4th Free. Use code: 2017-B3G1 at checkout. Offer expires 1.31

I did it! I cut the cord!

Since the NBA season finished I haven’t been watching TV and I’ve been itching to try cutting the cord.

After the kids were to bed I set to calling TWC.

I opened my previous blog post so I’d have the names of the services I’m currently subscribed to and the pricing.  I logged into my account and called 800-TWC-HELP.  Below is a transcript.

Andre was doing well and was happy that I returned the favor of asking how he was doing.  He said I would be surprised how often that question isn’t returned.  I wasn’t surprised given he’s working as a skinsuit, but I didn’t let on.  I call TWC at least every 6 months and I’ve found being polite is a much more efficient approach.  I’ve even made a game with myself to see if I can be every more polite and customer service-y than the reps.  They don’t seem to mind.

We went through the standard service cancellation Q&A.  He said he wanted to find the best option – maybe better than re-connection fees.

He asked about what channels I’m watching – none since CAVS season is over and Browns haven’t started.  He said they’ll be starting soon.  With a smile in my voice I said I’d call back then.  🙂

What am I using Internet for – browsing.  Streaming?  Some, basic Internet is working for that.

Where am I making calls to?  Local, but can use cell phones.

Have $35.49 equipment on account.  Return equipment for Summer, do direct connect with cord direct to TV, no DVR service or box fees – save money there.  Go down to standard TV for ESPNs and local stations.

Andre heard my typing and asked if I was working – I fibbed and said yes 🙂  He asked about my line of work and complemented my typing speed.

With taking equipment back Andre offered $99 a month including taxes.  I cited the $34.99 for standard Internet only.  He stated that was for new customers and bundling.  I cited the offer for adding starter TV for $10/mo for bundling.

He said he’d go to his manager and that I’ve been a customer for a long time and he wanted to make sure he was exhausting all his options.

Andre came back with an offer from manager, keeping starter TV of 20 channels, home phone unlimited, standard Internet, $91.99 prior to returning equipment, $56.50 with everything included.

I went for it.

This won’t require re-connection fees.  I will have to return the equipment to a TWC office.  I will have to pickup DVR equipment when I’m ready to reconnect DVR.  He scheduled a technician to come out.  They won’t have to come in.

Andre explained I will receive an electronic survey and that if he was pleasant he would really appreciate 9s.  I recently learned that about Net Promoter Score so I understand why he said this.

So did I wimp out?  Somewhat.  I’ll still be saving $73/mo.

Should I Cut the Cord?

I’ve struggled with this question for awhile now.  I keep telling myself that sports, NBA Basketball in particular, are keeping me suckling the dreaded Time Warner teat.  Now that a fantastic CAVS season has wrapped, surely I could at least attempt to go cable free for a few months?

Comparing the current plans my current monthly cost consists of Starter TV, Standard TV and Variety Pass for $49.99 along with $5.00 for DVR, $9.99 for HBO, $5.00 for HV-DVR Set-Top box and $11.25 for HD Converter.  By my calculations this totals to $81.23/mo.

2015-06-21 TWC TV Plans

Time Warner Cable Digital Cable TV Plans & Packages

My total service is $129.69 per month.  So less the television charges that is $48.46 for phone and Internet.

I couldn’t care less about the phone.  I do need to maintain our Standard Internet at $34.99 for 15Mbps downstream bandwidth.  I tried some self inflicted misery with the 2Mbps Every Day Low Price plan earlier this year and I lasted about a month.

TWC Internet Plans

TWC Internet Plans

So we’re looking at about $80/mo savings if I do with only Internet and $50/mo if I go with Internet plus Starter TV and my DVR/HD gear.

What should I do?  Now that the fun part (planning) is over, will I lose interest and get bored?  I know a certain TLA that hopes so.